‘Reduce, reuse, recycle and refuse’ principle essay sample

Naturally, the amount of waste increases proportionately to items we purchase. Though it seems that we need more and more goods, many of us can hardly consume them all. And eventually, the package and hardware remain a problem. Are we really capable to recycle all the metal and plastic we throw away? Unfortunately, we are not. Recycling facilities are scarce and poorly equipped. Therefore, a large amount of trash is dumped straight in the landfills. To relieve the pressure on ecosystems, environmentalists offer us to reduce, reuse, and recycle everything we do not need. Moreover, it would be useful to refuse from purchasing unnecessary things when we do not really need them.

The ability to reduce garbage can help to manage household more efficiently. In the first place, people shall learn not to purchase more than they consume. Excessive food will eventually rotten and make a mess in the fridge. Plastic bags people buy every time going to supermarket are thrown away in the first place. Instead of asking for another plastic bag at the cash desk, we shall use nice eco bags made of fabric.

Reuse is what we can do with empty glass bottles. Many retailers still collect empty bottles and compensate their cost to the customers. Plastic bottles and aluminum cans undergo recycling. It is quite easy to sort them out and create a centralized recycling line. Recycling is also crucial for other non-degradable and especially for toxic wastes.

Currently,  about 10,000 recycling plants operate in the US. Most of them are built a century ago and cannot cope with the current amount of wastes. The European Union achieved a bigger success in recycling as many governments have already imposed an efficient waste legislation there.

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