Right to education or right to job essay sample

Every person is eligible for some education as it is stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Under the document, fundamental basic education shall be compulsory and free for all individuals. The fulfillment of this right can be estimated by availability, accessibility, acceptability, and adaptability of education. To make education available, governments provide a proper funding to establish enough schools to cover the demand. Education is accessible if all children irrespective of their gender, race, or social status can equally access all provided services. Acceptability of education is defined by its ethical component; it shall be appropriate for all children irrespective of their cultural and religious background. Besides, schools shall respect religious and cultural holidays common to children.

Right to work is secured under the same Declaration of Human Rights as an ability to choose an employer and be granted with favorable conditions for work. However, the right to work cannot be fulfilled as easy as a right to education. It concerns people with special needs and the disabled in the first place. Even people with some health conditions have difficulties finding a deserving workplace. Besides, every workplace requires certain qualification; applicants frequently find it difficult to meet employer’s expectations.

It is impossible to evaluate either of these rights over the other one. Education is a vital need which is the basis of further development while having a workplace is essential to provide for one’s family and earn their own living. While both rights are internationally recognized, their fulfillment is a problem to individuals of the poorest social class.

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