Teacher and student relationships essay sample

Young people spend the majority of their time with teachers and tutors, which certainly affects how they treat each other. Relationships between students and teachers are not always smooth. Sometimes students suppose that their teachers are too strict while teachers evaluate some students over the others and ignore the ones who are not cooperative. Specifics of teacher-student relationships depend exceptionally on these people and their personality types. Analyzing toxic relationships between teachers and students, we can see stubborn kids unwilling to cooperate and unforgiving teachers unable to approach problematic students.

Work with children is a challenging activity; not every person will be able to become a good teacher and a true leader for a younger generation. There are several hurdles that prevent teachers and students from engaging in productive relationships. Lack of understanding is one of them. On the one hand, all people can be biased while judging the others, but teachers shall be especially careful with unreasonable judgment. As soon as teachers see student’s inability to perform at the high level, they start speculating about an excess of video games, lack of parental attention, and other common issues that prevent students from learning. However, in some cases it is better to offer students some help instead of blaming them in vain.

Relationships with teachers are frequently spoiled by their students. Young individuals frequently strive to perfectionism and receiving satisfactory marks they question fairness and qualification of their teachers. As soon as the teacher cannot estimate student’s work at the highest level, children go complaining to their peers and parents, which does not contribute finding mutual understanding with the teacher.

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