Teaching sex education to a minor essay sample

Speaking with children about sex is difficult to many parents who try to delay this process for as long as possible. Or even better to shift this responsibility to teachers. Nevertheless, even children aged 5 ask questions about babies, pregnancy, and other issues concerning adults’ sexual life. Some therapists admit that sexual education shall start at the age of two when children need to know all parts of their body. Nearly at the age of 5, children need to know that people can be homosexual as well as heterosexual. By this time they already know the basic mechanism of reproduction and do not inquire about further details. The next stage of sexual education comes at the middle schools when children are taught about all subtleties of the reproductive system and dangers behind the sexual activity.

Besides sex education provided by parents, it is crucial for schools to make sure that children are aware of the dangers hidden behind the culture of sex glamorized in the media. Sex education provided by schools shall start for children of 12 – 14 years old. Comprehensive sex education programs usually include information about major sexually-transmitted diseases and instructions on the use of contraceptives. Some teachers are afraid that children will take instructions as a starting point at the age of 14, but the earlier glamorized stereotypes about relations between two sexes are demolished, the earlier children become cautious.

Sex education shall come at middle school because there is no point to explain a 16-years old teen about risks of unprotected sex. Every caution is effective when it is given in advance, otherwise, parents may face isolation of their kids.

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