The pressure on kids from schools essay sample


Academic success of a child is the major factor parents are interested in. And they are not always satisfied with the teacher’s response on child’s performance. As all children cannot be equally gifted in every academic field, sooner or later their weak points emerge. And it does not necessarily mean that a child has retarded in their development; being healthy and smart does not mean that a child will obviously be a straight-A student. But not all parents can realize that with the current load of the curriculum students struggle to perform as good as possible in all subjects.

For the last decade, education has changed immensely in the US and abroad. Students face higher standards and are to accomplish more subjects in a year. As more new subjects are incorporated into the old curriculum, there is less hours for the remaining ones. Teachers are practically forced to push the extensive amount of material into one semester and to explain it much more briefly. As all kids cannot catch the teacher’s way of thinking, many of them go home without the slightest idea of how their home assignment shall be done. As a result, they keep bringing lower grades than usual, and parents cannot figure out why such a smart and active child has suddenly given up on their schooling.

Parental aspiration obviously rises alongside with the number of subjects on the curriculum. Taking into account scientific and technological advancements, parents expect that their kid will grow as a prodigy. But any additional and innovative tasks take time and students become even more tired with their advanced curriculum. Unable to meet parents expectations, students either rebel or isolate themselves from annoying adults.

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