Shopping at small stores essay sample

Shopping is one of our everyday habits which directly influences the quality of our life. Consumer’s choices normally determine the variety of products offered by the retailers. Both small shops and large supermarkets analyze the demand and adjust their supply up to it. However, shopping at large and small stores are two different things; products may have different qualities and price there, which makes us choose between shopping malls and small local shops.

Shopping at small stores has a range of peculiarities which are rather beneficial. First, small businesses face tough competition even more than global corporations do as they have a local influence and a limited number of clients. Small businesses frequently offer something extravagant or exceptional to attract the attention of clients like custom-made boots or organic vegetables. Next, small manufacturers provide really good service. Having fewer customers, the staff of the local store pays attention to each of them. An individual approach is exactly what many customers search for. Small businesses tend to offer products of higher quality to retain clients. Notoriety is far more fatal for small local stores than for multinational corporations, which is why small companies care about reputation.

Choosing small stores for shopping, we also support our local community. We always know that these businesses pay taxes to this country and employ people from our community. Small businesses also pay taxes to the city, which means that local education and infrastructure will benefit from their income too.

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