Smart ways to share the road with bicycles essay sample



Annually, hundreds of cyclists die in traffic accidents and thousands of them remain injured. Apparently, such accidents happen because car drivers do not pay much attention to the cyclists in their way and consider that they have a preference on the road. Drivers’ unwillingness to share the road with those who ride along creates a dangerous situation on the road and makes cyclists refuse from riding in the city. Of course, cyclists are also responsible for what is happening on the road, but still, the major responsibility lies on the driver.

Due to the fact that a car is incredibly heavy as compared to the bike, cyclists always lose in a collision. Today more bike lanes are placed on high-speed roads, which increases the number of accidents. Therefore, drivers shall be aware that a cyclist is a fragile road user, first of all. Next, drivers shall know cyclists’ rights. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, drivers older than 10 years of age are considered as fully-fledged vehicles on the road. Both vehicles have the same rules and regulations, nevertheless, they do not help to coordinate their traffic.

An intersection is a major place for driver-cyclist collisions. Apparently, drivers do not check the road for cyclists before turning right, which may have fatal consequences. It is essential for drivers to signal their right turn to inform cyclists about their intentions. Drivers who turn left can clearly see a cyclist but still suppose they have enough time to complete the turn. But the most frightful explanation of the driver who has just hit a cyclist was “I could not see him before the accident happened”. Apparently, texting and talking on a cell-phone greatly hinder drivers from observing the street.

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