Should all brands use social media accounts? essay sample

Using social media account is as important for business as having an informative website. Social media are the place where companies find new clients and engage the loyal ones in interaction. A website is a basic essential in running business, but the brand page on social media is even more relevant today. In some cases, it is enough for small businesses to have a Facebook profile to help people find them on the web. Here people can contact entrepreneurs directly and buy products from them.  A website and social media account have slightly different purposes, but a Facebook page can compensate for the absence of the website in case the entrepreneurs decide they do not need it. Generally, social media better work with direct and indirect communication, like posts and likes. But in some cases, they are enough for small businesses. You do not need a website just because everybody has one. If you can better post content regularly on Facebook, choose it as a main platform for finding new people. Social media accounts are much more than the place for personal interaction. Facebook offers broad opportunities for a well-targeted advertising that helps businesses hit the right audience instead of spamming random users. It is easy for companies to update their information, and it is easy for consumers to find latest updates. Direct interaction with the retailer is also important, and websites do not guarantee a fast response. In brief, a social media page is an essential tool for every business.