Should companies send “Happy Birthday!🎊” messages to their clients? essay sample

Wishing clients a very happy birthday is a nice opportunity for businesses to remind of their existence. Birthday is a special day almost for everyone and an excellent opportunity to buy something new. We usually buy ourselves something pleasant for a birthday and we may ask others to buy us something specific as a gift. Businesses certainly take this opportunity and give clients some discount on their birthday. The greediest companies simply wish many happy returns supposing a discount is too much. In any case, it is uncommon to ignore the birthday of your client.  It is always worth for companies to show that they remember about their client’s birthday, especially when they have some special offers or discount for the day. Companies that do not offer anything pleasant to their customers shall better create some special discount or any substantial offer. Otherwise, their greeting will look like a spam. This is the problem of most companies that send emails for every minor occasion. Therefore, businesses shall provide some bonus for the client’s birthday of they want to preserve their customers’ loyalty.