Should government impose restrictions on what kinds of foods can be served in school cafeterias? essay sample



Nutrition is a hot topic for parents and teachers who cannot find a common language concerning what children shall eat. Childhood obesity is prevalent in the US so that some people consider a children diet is necessary. The latest governmental reform in public schools made American school cafeterias notorious for their food. In the result, children have to take lunch from home or eat some snacks rich in fats and carbs.


The federal government is obliged to improve conditions in public establishments such as schools, but nutrition falls out of their competence. We shall ask parents what they would like their children to eat at the school cafeteria. Do their children have any special needs concerning food? Which products shall be excluded from school settings according to parents? Indeed, we would have less disagreement if schools listened to parents more than they do today.


As for officials, perhaps it is time for them to decide which products shall not be served in school cafeterias. How about soda, burgers, French fries, potato chips, sweet bars, and other junk food out of vending machines? Are they really necessary for kids and their well-being? Certainly, the government has to cut the amount of junk food sold in schools because it is a stumbling block for establishments. They benefit from advertising and sales but not from children eating healthy food.


Today the topic of food became rather sensitive to many people. Some of us are dieting intensively, the others are not, but most of us try to eat healthy food. But that notion is different to everyone. We do not expect parents teachers, and government to share the same idea of a healthy and nutritious food, therefore, parents should take the priority in this debate.

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