Should the use of coal be subjected to stricter environmental regulations than other fuels? essay sample


Fossil fuels are still the main source of energy in the world. Alternative energy sources can produce up to 20% of electricity in the US, which is not enough to cover the needs of the population. CO2 emissions have been regulated all over the world through the Kyoto Protocol since the late 20th century and through Paris Agreement later on. Despite the encouraged reduction in fossil fuels, countries continue to drill and mine as much fossils as they can. Due to the recent reduction of oil prices, countries most dependent on their drilling industry had some losses in the previous years.

It appears that coal and oil still remain the most accessible fuels for the majority. They are easy to extract (so far), and companies do not have to produce fossils to sale them. It evokes the concerns of environmentalists. Burning of coal releases more toxic substances than just CO2. These are sulfur dioxide, sulfuric acid, nitrogen oxides, and a mix of heavy metals. They all become critical mixing with air and water, that is why we need to eliminate burning of fossil fuels, especially coal.

In the 21st century, we shall, by all means, encourage the production of the renewable energy and cut the use of fossil fuels. Countries can achieve this becoming parties of Paris Agreement and creating their own legislative regulation of carbon emissions. We have to shift to renewable energy as soon as possible because of the vasts pollution caused by fossils and the fact that coal and oil are exhaustible natural resources.

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