Should stay-at-home moms get a salary from the government? essay sample

Being a mom is challenging and very expensive. A survey conducted among American stay-at-home moms found out that these women work for almost 100 hours per week. If taking care of a baby was a job, women would earn lots of money for that. Daycare, housekeeping, shopping, cooking, and more duties stay on the list of an average mom whose child is under the age of 2. But all these are daydreams. Instead, an average stay-at-home mom would earn little doing her duties or she would depend on her family to earn money for her.

Maternity leave policies differ all over the world, and we have several countries where moms feel not so bad. Sweden is considered the best country to raise kids according to its free or subsidized prenatal care courses and a monthly allowance given to parents after the child is born. Denmark and Finland complete top 3 best countries to raise a baby with their daily care services and healthcare. Obviously, stay-at-home moms get enough support here not to struggle until they take care of a newborn child themselves.

A subsidized maternity leave would help many American moms to compensate for the money they cannot get being temporarily unemployed. It will be equal to their annual salary but it would be better than working 100 hours per week and living for the cost of the family. Catering to the needs of temporary disabled, pregnant, and stay at home moms is a compulsory component of a basic welfare system.

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