Small businesses contributing to charity: Are tax deductions the only advantage? essay sample

Small businesses are much more likely to donate to the charity organization than large businesses. Their owners feel a close connection with the local community and take it as a must to make some  regular contributions. They usually come in form of money, products, and volunteering all of which are essential to nonprofit organizations. In return for their generosity, companies take tax deductions, which are an immediate benefit to their business. Deduction covers various expenses of volunteering as well as a part of charitable donations. A tax deduction is an important drive, which urges businesses participate in charity. However, it is not the only possible benefit of donation.

Another advantage of charity is attracting positive publicity. Posting photos from charitable events and volunteering, businesses spread the evidence that they really contribute to the community. A positive image means a lot to charitable businesses as it allows them to go a little ahead of their competitors. Among a wide range of companies offering identical products, people are more likely to buy from ones that contribute to their community.

Not only customers but also employees like charitable companies. Many young applicants would like to work in the company which offers volunteering opportunities for the staff. Employees want to have a chance to participate in the life of their community too and interact with colleagues outside of the office. Most people have an absolutely positive feeling about giving back, which is a benefit for their daily routine.

Apparently, donating to charity influences both income and corporate ethics. As soon as small businesses become interested in charity, they will find new surprising advantages for their profit.

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