Win-win investments in business sustainability: Myth or reality? essay sample

Going green is frequently an unobtainable target for businesses. Sustainability is prestigious now, but many companies cannot invest in it. This initiative may be unjustified from financial, strategic, and marketing perspective, which means that businesses do not eliminate their wastes until they are forced to do so. It is uncertain how companies shall make money on sustainability.

According to the common belief, sustainability is an area of NGOs. Companies which are not meant to store assets earn some money to continue functioning which is normal. In fact, there are some new entirely green-focused brands that bring an enormous revenue and improve their image. A size of the company probably does not prohibit running a profitable business. Companies the revenues of which range from $10 to $ 100 are equally capable of being both profitable and sustainable.

Sustainable companies sometimes are accused of greenwashing. While some of them work hard to reduce carbon emissions and save energy, the others are forking for making a good image without taking efforts. To address this prejudice, businesses shall act transparently. Reporting about their achievements and failures, sustainable companies have a chance to achieve certain credibility from the clients.

Cooperation with NGOs is another way to start being sustainable. For example,  WWF higher management mentioned Coca-Cola cooperating with the foundation to provide a better conservation of fresh water around the world. And many other companies can follow this example.

Becoming sustainable is a great challenge for large and small businesses that want to raise their revenue. Perhaps it is not easy to become fully sustainable, but still, most businesses can donate money and cooperate with NGOs.

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