The fear of recession: Increased competition or additional stress? essay sample

Dissatisfying economic conditions impose difficulties on every level of organization. As budgets of the nations undergo cuts, lots of employees feel the threat hanging above them. Businesses experiencing tough times tend to cut down the number of employees in the first place and double the workload for the remaining ones. It is a competition-like process which benefits no one. Clerks race to improve their reputation in the eyes of managers, but at the end, all of them will suffer. Only those who are fired have a small chance to find a better employment.

What actually happens with white-collars in the period of recession? Most of them feel the increasing pressure from above. Employees have less time to accomplish giving tasks, and many of them cannot meet the deadlines. The communication with the management is terminated as the higher ranks are put in critical conditions as well. Clerks become extremely nervous as they fear being dismissed. Under the excessive emotional pressure, people usually become sick. Nevertheless, they avoid taking a sick leave fearing sanctions from the demanding managers. Sooner or later, emotional crash drags physical conditions which confirm that an employee does need a leave.

In times of recession, many employees regularly work extra hours. Insomnia, headache, and eating disorders are the most frequent conditions experienced by hard working staff. To say that people unable to sleep are suffering from the dreadful working conditions is to say nothing. Besides, they have salaries cut despite all the extra work done on the daily basis. That is how economic recession affects most of the white-collars, and neither of these consequences is positive.