Social aspects of climate change essay sample



A lot of attention is put at the issue of climate change, and more activists agree that it is not only an environmental problem. Its effect has social and economic consequences, which proves that not only environmentalists and volunteers need to worry about the global warming. Many businesses have already ensured their environmental responsibility that is tied to their social duties.

While the prosperity of businesses is less dependent on the environmental safety, the same does not refer to local communities. Small farmers strongly depend on favorable weather condition and integrity of their land to remain productive.  For farmers, climate change diminishes fertility and increases the number of pests destroying yields. Prices on fertilizers and substances for a protection of plants are already high, and small farmers struggle to preserve sustainability of their practices.

Climate change is a serious challenge for the rural population. Low fertility and erosion of the soil do not allow people to grow plants without specific chemicals. Coastal population is especially vulnerable to harsh weather conditions – severe storms and hurricanes happen more and more frequently here, but rural people usually cannot abandon their homes. Communities that suffer from rising sea level need to relocate. Even if they do not wish to do it, the next large storm will force them to do so.

Unfavorable climate conditions do not let developing countries make some progress and underline inequality. While industrialized countries can easier adapt to the lack of some resources, it is an impossible task for the population of poor countries. Developed countries, in their turn, would be expected to provide larger aid to indigenous population and shelter to environmental refugees.

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