Technical training is better than a college degree essay sample


Higher education is not the only option for all high school graduates. Technical schools train a wide range of workers for different fields which are not limited to mechanics or construction. In fact, craftsmen are no less important than doctors, lawyers, or finance experts even if their salaries can be lower.

There is a myth that technical training is a path for those who are not apt or smart enough to enter the college. But students of technical schools do not waste their time either. Technical education may be less prestigious, however, it is mainly oriented on developing practical skills. Technical training takes less time and money; students of technical schools are ready to work in their occupation at once. On average, they tend to earn even more than college graduates because the latter can stay unemployed for a while or start the career from the lower-paid positions.

Every high school graduate shall weigh advantages of technical school and contrast them with their targets. Everything depends on occupation students seek to master in future. For those who want to proceed with business, law, or medicine college education is required. Technicians, electricians, constructors, pilots, massage therapists do not need a college degree. Colleges are also a starting point for those who dream about academic future.

Technical school and college education can complement each other, however, most students choose one of them to attend. Looking at educational prospects, students and parents shall proceed from their needs, abilities, and budget. Prestige is a changing quality, and students’ choices shall never base on it.