Immigration laws should be stricter/more lenient essay sample

These days, the immigration debate is heated as never before. For the last few decades, millions of unregistered migrants leaked onto the US territory despite strict laws and enhanced border security.  Desperate folks undertook really reckless steps to reach America by lands and across the sea; some of them died during their journey. People from the Central America make up the biggest group of immigrants in the US, and they cannot be ignored. Poverty among immigrants and a threat to the national security definitely stand in the way of the politicians who wish to make the country thriving.

Among the current trends in tackling illegal migration, construction of the wall separating the US from its Southern neighbor is a popular idea. The U.S. – Mexico border stretches 2,000 miles and vehicle and pedestrian fencing makes up 650 miles of them. It would be incredibly costly to construct a fence for the remaining distance, and the plan is treated as unrealistic.

Among other steps offered by the proponents of strict immigration laws, an immediate imprisonment until deportation, biometric entry-exit, and improved visa tracking system can be seen. The proposed steps require billions of dollars of additional spending and makes a contrast to the tolerant policies of Obama’s administration.

Making the immigration laws more strict may contribute to the well-being of Americans as well as harm businesses. Imposing more lenient legislation, the federal government will encourage even greater flow of the immigrants who will pose a threat to the safety of Americans. This controversy raises more new arguments among the officials who are not ready to the radical changes.