We should increase train travel to save the environment essay sample

A popular means of traveling in Europe, trains are not very appreciated in the US. However, this trend is likely to change in the near future. All the inconveniences linked to the planes such as delays, cancellations, stressful landing, phobias, and high costs make passengers search for an alternative way of traveling. A train appeared to be just a perfect one. Railway transport has a range of advantages and comparatively few drawbacks. In the first place, we cannot travel by train everywhere in the US and to other continents. And then, distant trips may also be more comfortable in planes, so that a train is a good idea if people do not need to cross the country in it.

Amtrak railway corporation provides railway transportation in 46 states and several Canadian provinces. It allows more and more passengers discover convenience and sustainability of the railway transport. Traveling with Amtrak and other railway operators is definitely cheaper than using airlines. Taking into account frequent delays, it also may be faster to travel by train.

Trains are not only comfortable, they are also eco-friendly. They produce fewer carbon emissions than airplanes and consume less energy. Trains remain less affected by the increase in fuel prices which means that clients of railway operators will not face skyrocketing prices. Preferring trains over airplanes, passengers can help to remove additional pressure from the incredibly polluted environment. Perhaps, it will not make a dramatic difference due to the active street traffic, but even taking minimal efforts is better than ignoring the problem completely.