Teenage Suicide: Why it Happens and What to do About it essay sample


The risk of suicide exists when a person feels quite helpless and desperate. The age of adolescence is that line when kids become unable to cope with the stress and take ill-considered decisions. Nevertheless, not all teens are equally prone to suicide which makes them react to stressors differently. For parents, it is important to notice predisposition to suicidal attempts early in their children. In most cases, quick reaction of the adults helps to save the kids from suicide.

Various life experiences may push a teenager to suicide. And family history is not always the cause even if doctors assure that unstable behavior is passed from one generation to another. Quite mundane things can unsettle teens and make them think of committing suicide in revenge to improper treatment. Take bullying, for example. It happens quite frequently in the student’s environment, and all children react differently. Physical issues such as pregnancy or diseases may accelerate person’s desire to commit suicide. Problems with alcohol and drugs also frequently cause lethal intentions among youngsters.

Pre-suicidal behaviors may differ from one person to another, however, in most cases, children somehow express the desire to terminate their life. Mere talking or writing about suicide may be ignored by the adults, however, they have to notice it at once. It is important for teenagers to understand that neither talking about nor committing a suicide is an option to solve their problems. To prevent suicidal attempts, parents shall pay attention to kids and discourage their isolation. Most problems can be solved in a conversation with a parent, friend, or teacher.