The adverse effects of smoking essay sample

There is no need to highlight the fact that smoking is bad for you. Yet, what is important to specify are the reasons why it is so bad for the organism. Smoking causes anxiety and irritability, heart disease, poor vision, bad teeth, lung cancer, coughing, mood stimulation, bronchitis, wrinkly skin, yellow hands, constricted blood vessels, stained teeth as well as problems with pregnancy and newborns.

Apart from that, the person who smokes quite often loses the sense of taste and smell. They are most likely going to age faster. People who smoke get tired faster as smoking impacts their physical activity. Another important issue to mention in this respect is the financial aspect. Smoking is a habit that costs a lot. As soon as one starts to realize how much money they spend on cigarettes every year, it quite often serves as a motivation to quit smoking so that to spend that money on something more useful. That saved sum of money might actually help the person implement some of their ideas in life.

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