What is the rationale behind promoting specific types of professions or careers? essay sample


The reason why it is rational to promote certain professions and careers is that the nation needs more of the representatives of those professions in order to function properly. The thing is that we desperately need professional doctors to help us stay healthy. Besides, we also need plumbers and electricians as these are those kinds of things which the majority of us is unable to do on their own.

What is also necessary to mention in this respect is that the importance of some jobs is not always highlighted which presupposes that they simply do not realize how significant they are. Another thing to dwell upon is the fact that sometimes those jobs do not pay much which is a huge problem. Thus, increasing salaries is definitely going to change the situation for the better.

Some people do not feel proud of their careers which is not right. When you are an electrician, you need to realize how important your job is. A lot of people are only able to live their happy and trouble-free lives because they know a professional electrician or plumber who is ready to help them fix everything.

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