The correlation between the topic and audience in a theatrical setting 🎭 essay sample

Every piece of art has its message. Whether a provocative play or an insulting movie, creators send their idea to the people who would get it. It is important for the topic to be relevant to people who came to see the play. Some of them will support the playwright’s idea, the others will not. Some people will think about the things they never noticed before. It all happens when playwrights choose timely topics for the stage performance. As a rule, we do not expect occasional visitors in the theater these days. A play is not always as relaxing as a movie; it is rather created to make people think and reconsider their attitudes. Looking through the repertoire, a theater-goer will choose the plays that touch their personal issues or global social problems. Managers take this into account when thinking about the repertoire for the next season. Choosing any particular topic for a play, authors think about their own interests and ambitions in the first place. They are the same people as everyone, and they wish to unfold the problem that disturbs them personally. No one can write a powerful piece unless they have some passion or ambition towards the subject. Passion makes characters strong and evokes some reaction in people. A good playwright does not expect their creation to get only a positive response. Modern writers bring up controversial topics good for an argument that people do not forget another day.