The place of plastic plays in modern theater 🎭 essay sample

A plastic play looks very much like a traditional theatrical performance. Except for the actors tell no lines. Someone calls it the “theater of silence” for actors express their feelings and intentions through the movement. It makes plastic theater closer to ballet and contemporary dance. Here you can see actors speaking their body language, with carefully chosen moves, gestures, and a clear mimic. Directors pay more attention to costumes and scenery to help the audience better understand what is going on at the stage. Many costumes are designed to allow actors immediately change in action. Plastic drama revolutionized theater after its popularity declined under the pressure of cinema and television. The public is now interested in more than just actors walking and talking at the stage. The crew has to make the performance really emotional to win hearts of the audience. By means of plastic and motion, they can make the audience feel, not only think and analyze. In a plastic theater, we have so much action and expression that the audience does not need any text at all. Everything is clear and beautiful without long lines that often make the audience tired. A certain advantage of the plastic theater is its universality. It is perfectly understandable as for a modern art, but it is also classic, like ballet. Unlike the rest of the modern art, plastic drama will be liked by most of the audience. We often like simple and beautiful things that we can comprehend. Plastic theater is about aesthetics in the first place. Whether we like theater or not, plastic drama will captivate everyone who likes sensual and aesthetic performance.