The death of marriage essay sample

Well, you have most definitely noticed that not that many people are rushing into marriage. What is even more interesting is that not that many people want to get married. Perhaps, the reason why that happens is that the majority wants to focus on their life nowadays. There is no doubt that we all have lots of aspirations and we have the desire to implement them in life.

So, family is no longer the primary importance for the majority of people. Apart from that, a lot of people nowadays want to remain child-free. One of the reasons why it happens is that people are finally becoming free of all those stereotypes that have been existing for years. So, it presupposes that they no longer feel pressure from the society to get married simply because everyone else is doing it. Our society has become more diverse which simply gives people the opportunity to be who they want to be no matter what others think and that’s exactly what our life should be about.