The feeling of being disconnected essay sample

The feeling of being disconnected is what we are all familiar with as it is common to feel that way in the era of internet usage. We basically live online.

There is no doubt that one can easily come up with hundreds of benefits of being so technologically developed. However, what one should also take into consideration is that it is separating us further and further apart. Even though it seems like you can easily call someone who is on the other part of the world or write them a message, it does not necessarily mean that you feel connected.

You might even chat with that person every day but this experience is completely different from being able to talk to them in person. That is the reason why communication in real life will never be replaced by anything. No matter how fast we progress technologically, we will still need real company and real people to communicate with. The reason is that humans are simply very social which is why we need others to exist.