The good and bad with the USA schools (Chinese perspective). Essay sample


There is no need to highlight the fact that there are millions of differences between the educational system in the USA and China. For this reason, it becomes obvious why it is so hard for Chinese students to adapt once they start studying at American educational institutions.

The first aspect to take into consideration is the individualistic approach. Students in China are not taught to have a personal opinion which is the reason why the constant necessity to express one regarding every issue becomes a huge problem for a Chinese person who comes to study in the US.

Apart from that, the language barrier is another vital issue to highlight regarding the subject under consideration. What is more, tons of Chinese students do not want to assimilate and become active members of the American society. What it means is that they become friends only with those students who come from China as well. As a result of that, it is really hard for them to feel like they truly belong.

Motivation is another essential aspect to mention. The American educational system is based on being competitive which comes naturally to the majority of Americans while the Chinese find it really hard to always be competitive and try to stand out from the crowd.

Taking everything into account, there are tons of issues which Chinese students have to deal with as soon as they arrive to study in the United States of America. It typically takes a lot of time and effort to overcome the majority of them, not to mention the fact that one needs to alter their behavior.

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