The good and bad with the USA schools. Essay sample


As the majority of schools all over the world, educational institutions in the United States of America face tons of difficulties on the daily basis. Thus, the USA schools have both advantages and disadvantages.

Speaking about the advantages of schools in the USA as well as the whole educational system in the country, the most important aspect to highlight is that the system itself is oriented on the approach of individualism. What is means is that at an early age every student understands how important self-study is as well as why they need to do more and to perform better. The significance of working  hard and trying to do one’s best is constantly emphasized in American schools which is one of the reasons why students in the USA schools are so good at completing assignments which they need to do on their own. Surely, they are rather good at doing group projects as well. Yet, individualism teaches students how to be responsible for what one does as well as what impact it is going to have on their future. In other words, the fact that the results of one’s work that is done properly are going to come in handy later on is constantly highlighted in the process of studying.

Taking everything into consideration, the United States of America has one of the best educational systems in the world even though it has both benefits and drawbacks. The good news is that the government is constantly working on various solutions to make their school system even better which will help students become properly prepared for adulthood.

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