The problem of procrastination can be solved by calling it “preparing.” essay sample



In many cases, our actions greatly depend on how we label things. Sometimes it is enough to change our attitude to the problem to get it solved. Perhaps, procrastination can be included in the list of challenges which may be overcome faster than we think. Everyone is familiar with the inability to start working on some serious tasks. It seems extremely difficult to write the first page of the term paper or business plan; even ordinary daily tasks may seem unmanageable for those who are not attentive enough. However, there are effective ways to overcome procrastination and, finally, get started.

In the first place, we shall try referring to the pre-working laziness positively. The term “procrastination” usually has a negative implication but the word “preparation” does not. We all need some time to concentrate upon any complicated topic, and it is perfectly normal. People are not machines able to generate ideas round the clock, after all. It is the same thing as in the case with the notions “diet” and “healthy eating” – the first one indicates towards certain restriction in the daily ration (sometimes strict) imposed by doctors, and the second one is a voluntary choice of the person which brings physical benefit and moral satisfaction.

To avoid long-lasting procrastination we also may adopt several sound working habits. First, we can divide a comprehensive task into smaller pieces and limit the time allotted for their fulfilling. Frequently, we just do not know how to start a big project so it is important to remember that everything complex consists of a number of smaller pieces. Moreover, it is a good tactic to create some incentive we can have after the job is done. Going out with friends or having a delicious dinner at home will be just a perfect bonus for a timely done job.

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