The role of science in next century essay sample

Science is a heritage which must be constantly improved to meet the demands of a present-day and future generations. Most of the essential inventions did not happen overnight; it took scientists decades or even centuries to implement their ideas and make life easier for everybody. Science is applied nearly to all spheres of human life, and the more advanced our technologies become, the more we depend on their future development. For example, if we drain most reserves of the fossil fuels, we need alternative sources of energy to continue normal functioning.

Talking about the future prospects, we frequently imagine fantastic opportunities like space travel or genetically modified humans inhabiting our planet. Nevertheless, it would be better for scientists to pay more attention to realistic and urgent issues in the next century. National security is one of them. To limit international terrorism and uncontrolled flow of immigrants, we need a more advanced system of personality identification. The tools for monitoring a suspicious activity do not work well enough and result in social instability. The next target for the future scientists is a sustainable agriculture. Genetic modification shall be succeeded by advanced techniques for organic farming. Current progress in this branch made farming cheaper and more time efficient, but the quality of products leaves much to be desired. Talking about the application of science in the humanitarian sphere, we must mention healthcare. The current state of research does not allow to cure HIV, cancer, and diabetes which means that possible treatment is yet to come.

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