The United Nations: Its triumphs and failures since its inception essay sample



As World War II ended, people needed peace more than ever. The United Nation, a new intergovernmental organization that aimed at enhancing the security of its member states, replaced the League of Nations in 1945. The organization functioned according to its Charter signed in San Francisco in 1945. Among other objectives of the United Nations we can find prevention of threats, conformity to the principles of international law, settlement of arising disputes between member states, achieving international cooperation in solving social and economic issues. The organization   has been working with more than 190 members. Due to the massive scale, not all targets of the UN were met for a half of the century.

To start with its triumphs, the UN really prevented emerging of further wars. The world became almost nuclear free. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights issued in1948 made people all over the world aware that they do have rights which must be protected by their states. The international social sector was rebuilt by the UN agencies such as WHO, UNICEF, and UNESCO. The organization succeeded in negotiation and settlement of 172 conflicts for all this time.

On the other hand, the United Nations appeared unable to settle the conflicts in certain areas like the Soviet Union or Vietnam. The number of firearms is constantly increasing which puts the world at the threat of an ongoing armed conflict. The organization failed to settle disputes on climate change which still remain on the agenda. Poverty and AIDS remain very high in developing countries even if the international community has taken steps to supply antiretroviral medicine there.  Besides, the Middle East remains a troubled area with frozen armed conflicts.

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