The role of the pop-up ads in the whole system of web-advertising essay sample



Pop-up ads are a common means of the digital marketing. These small windows emerge out of nowhere in our web browsers as soon as we visit a website that contains advertising. Sometimes these windows may block the initial information on the page, not even to mention that they are incredibly annoying and distracting to visitors. It also may be difficult for them to close pop-up windows while ads instantly redirect users to the websites which present no interest to them. Nevertheless, pop-ups are a potent tool for online advertising because of their omnipresent nature.

The primary purpose of pop-ups is to pull web traffic to a particular web page. As soon as a web user enters a website, an advertising window emerges and offers some information or product that may be interesting to the visitors of this particular website. It is always easy to click on the ad and be redirected to the advertiser’s website. Businesses can also expand their database of clients’ e-mails using pop-ups. Advertisers generate windows that ask users whether they would like to receive newsletters from the website in future. This strategy is generally helpful for advertising campaigns.

Due to the extensive use of pop-ups and banners on the internet, developers of ad-blocking software  are thriving. Abusive content and repetitive windows may redirect users to malicious websites and infect the computer with malware. Cautious users prefer to avoid online ads at all to protect their privacy. Ad-blockers certainly prevent the web-advertising industry from making a profit, however, they cannot block all the adds.

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