The evaluation of homeopathy as a potential “medical tool” essay sample

The controversy around homeopathy does not seem to end up with any explicit conclusion. Not only patients but also doctors still do not know what homeopathy really is. Perhaps we deal with a fraudulent practice, which can offer nothing but a placebo effect or maybe it is a universal treatment discovered by healers in times when medical tools were extremely scarce. Nevertheless, the interior ministry of Switzerland has already announced its plans to put homeopathy, holistic medicine, herbal medicine, acupuncture, and traditional Chinese medicine at the same level with the conventional medicine in the country.  Probably, other nations will soon acknowledge the success of homeopathy as well.

Alternative medicine became really popular for the last two centuries. Homeopathy as a principle “like cures like” was introduced by a German doctor yet in the eighteenth century. It was an integral approach that aimed at healing the entire body, not only addressing a particular disease. After the advent of contemporary medical science, doctors doubted the potential of homeopathy. The treatment is diluted so highly that there is nothing of the original substance left in it. Nevertheless, a range of European drug companies do not only import homeopathic treatment from India but produce it in their laboratories.

The benefits of alternative and complementary medicine seem quite vague from the scientific point of view. On the other hand, alternative practices drag no side effects. Many patients find alternative medicine very helpful even if they do not know how it works.