The contemporary vital problems of exhausting the resources of the Pacific Northwest Environment essay sample

The Pacific Northwest region has always been a unique area with its lush forests. Its population accustomed to benefiting from the abundance of natural resources available in the region. The greatest local industries assure active trade with other regions of the US. Agriculture, forestry, fishing, and mining make people love their nature for its generous gifts. Apparently, the Pacific Northwest undergoes rapid deforestation due to traditional logging. The majority of the local population is involved in timber-related jobs, which enhance deforestation. Under these conditions, sustainable development of the region is strongly doubted.

In fact, the western Cascades have preserved only a tiny part of their former beauty till now. Lush forests that once comprised up to 70 percent of the territory reduced to nearly 15 percent these days. Higher prices on timber stimulate logging in old-growth forests that comprise a unique biodiversity. Private forests are still very young and they cannot satisfy customers yet. Thus, deforestation can last until the area becomes completely exhausted.

The major problem of the regions like the Pacific Northwest is the conflict between the advocates of the environment and those who fight for job places and stable salary. Racing for wealth, people forget that generous natural gifts are exhaustible, and one day there will be no timber left in the forests. Fish can vanish alongside with rivers, and animals whose habitat depended on forests will disappear too. The Pacific Northwest definitely lacks a sound forest management that may help to preserve the leftovers of what has been a gorgeous nature once.