The significance of science museums in teaching essay sample


Science centers and museums are essential to the process of studying because they provide a vivid demonstration of objects and phenomena under the student’s research. They allow having a closer look at the artifacts and models constructed to explain basic facts from the different fields of study. Perhaps, every student has been to a museum at least once and felt excited observing historic or anthropological antiques. However, modern scientific museums house numerous exhibitions concerning other scientific fields such as engineering, astronomy, chemistry, biology, and physics.

Over the past 20 years, the number of scientific museums and centers rose rapidly. Annually, nearly 50 million people visit 200 science centers and museums in the US. Besides exhibitions, visitors acquire an access to libraries, video, and audio resources. Today museums provide such a great variety or unique resources for educational purposes that they take a prominent place among other sources or information even in the digital era. Moreover, museums always ensure an interesting active learning for people of all ages who are interested in science.

Science centers are not schools, nevertheless, they can be treated as educational institutions. They create settings which are difficult to make in a traditional school environment. Educators and scientists who work in such centers make it possible for students to evaluate the latest achievements and compare them to the evidence of previous research. Museums and scientific centers evoke students’ interest and zest for education which sufficiently improves the quality of schooling. Despite this fact, not all teachers fully appreciate the significance of visiting museums for educational purposes.

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