Implication of nanotechnology in medical science essay sample

Nanotechnology is frequently treated as a revolutionary scientific invention. Perhaps, it is correct due to the widest range of applicability which made nanotechnology essential to every sphere of human activity. From construction and electronics to medicine and cosmetics, the new technology creates innovative materials using super tiny nano-particles which allow making ordinary materials and substances quite extraordinary. The reason for such a dramatic change comes with the size of the particles: the smaller they are, the more opportunities for combinability they provide.

Evidently, every type of manufacturing will benefit from the use of nanotechnologies but they are especially important for medicine. Today, researchers are starting to use nanoparticles to develop revolutionary drugs and highly-effective ways of their quick delivery. There is a great hope that the technology will help to diagnose and treat cancer better than chemotherapy and other current ways of treatment.

Drugs developed with the help of nanotechnologies are now called “smart drugs”. Medicine of a new generation will strongly differ from conventional drugs due to the wider range of properties. Scientists predict that smart drugs will bring minimum side effects alongside with the high efficiency and ability to target several related conditions with one and the same drug.

Another great expectation of doctors is the ability of the nanoparticles to form molecular systems which can do a great job in replacing injured organs and body parts. Transplantation of organs is expensive and frequently inaccessible that is why nanotechnology can be applied to cover for their loss.

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