The stress and joy of working in a high-volume restaurant essay sample

There is no doubt that working at a restaurant is a very stressful job which requires a person to be really patient. There are always more people than you can physically serve but your job is to be available no matter what. Apart from that, you will need to deal with unpleasant people. What is more, you will learn how to find suitable solutions no matter how bad the situation is.

Yet, there are lots of advantages as well. For instance, you will learn how to multitask and do everything on time. Besides, this experience will teach you how to have more empathy for people working in this industry. In addition, working in a food industry makes you understand how important it is to be on time as well as how to do your job properly. A lot depends on that. What is also of great significance is not to take everything personally. Customers may get quite upset or angry when they have to wait for their order but it does not mean that they are angry with you personally.

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