The use of steroids in bodybuilding essay sample


Strong built of world-famous wrestlers is known to be a consequence of anabolic steroids. The human body has hundreds of muscles that have their own functions and can be naturally built with certain exercises. Nevertheless, natural abilities of the human body is not a limit to professional athletes who compete in their muscle weight too. Anabolic steroids can sufficiently enhance muscle growth that happens during exercising. The use of steroids is different from the intake of drugs, despite both are chemicals enhancing performance. Drugs are taken occasionally to improve resistance and they work out during the training session or competition. Intake of certain drugs before the competition is illegal and leads to suspension. Steroids are taken in courses to produce results in a long run; these chemicals can be dangerous but athletes cannot be banned from competitions for steroids found in their blood samples.

As a matter of fact, steroids are naturally produced in animals. They help to control metabolic processes and chemical interchange in tissues. Anabolic steroids are the derivatives of natural testosterone; they are produced in the labs. The danger associated with anabolic steroids is likely to happen if the intake is high and regular. To achieve the best possible result, athletes load their body with chemicals and physical press at the same time. During such an intense training, various organs and tissues may be damaged by steroids beyond the repair.

The use of steroids is frequently associated with an insensible bodybuilding that produces good results only in a short term perspective. While older champions who used to build their body naturally are still in a good health, modern bodybuilders end up transplanting their organs or recovering from drug abuse.

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