Training programs for effective assimilation of new employees essay sample



Investing time and money in employees is the way managers make sure that the newcomers can do their best and integrate into the company quickly. They have to develop their own program of training and supervision of the new employees which shall include several important points.

According to the best practices, the manager shall stay involved in the activity of newcomers by defining objectives and developing plans. It is very important for the employees to know that their managers do not ignore the newcomers and are ready to help with the difficulties or explain the specifics of the work.

It is possible to improve the retention of employees by prolonging the process of onboarding (training and close supervision of the newcomers). The standard time limit in which the new employees are meant to assimilate is 90 days, however, it can be prolonged to one year after which the employee can be treated as the one who fully understands the challenges and specifics of their job.

An obligatory part of the successful onboarding program is inducing the newcomers to ask their questions and share difficulties. They are usually reluctant to confide problems in their managers as they are afraid of being dismissed soon. Even experienced staff regularly faces difficulties, nothing to say about the newcomers. And managers shall encourage employees to be frank in this respect.

To make assimilation of the new hires quicker, managers shall refer to the team of mentors for the new staff. Mentors can work on increasing productivity, building a team, enhanced learning, thus, stimulate a new hire to make a good progress from the first weeks.

Implementation of the internal social network will also make it easier for new hires to accomplish tasks and enhance performance. Corporate discussions will improve the level of socialization which directly contributes to the quick assimilation of employees.

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