Feedback about performance for retention of valuable employees essay sample



All companies are interested in retention of the experienced staff who have already proved their commitment and brought some profits to the company. Most managers will be disappointed if such employees become unsatisfied with their job, quit, and go to the competitors. That is why they involve various strategies to make valuable employees stay and further contribute to the company.

The usual reasons why employers want to leave are poor relations with their managers, lack of opportunities to climb up the career ladder, small salary, and performing meaningless tasks. Sometimes,  employers make counter-offers to their “problematic” staff trying to manage these situations. Giving a different position, changing a manager or increasing salary can temporarily delay the conflict.

In order to implement better ways to retain staff, employers shall conduct interviews to know more about their employees. Evaluation of the employees irrespective of whether they possess some exceptional skills or just do all invisible mundane, routine work is essential to retaining valuable people. At this stage, managers have to ask the staff about their difficulties and provide possible solutions. Frequently, it is necessary for the employers just to pay attention to the overloaded staff.

Getting feedback about the performance of employees is another helpful strategy necessary for retention of valuable staff. Setting goals and watching their accomplishment is the way for an employee to feel that their job is valuable and they do it correctly. The sense of self-satisfaction can make an employee stay even if their salary is not very high.

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