E-commerce strategies for attraction of new customers essay sample


The success of every business is measured by the amount of customers, their activity, and satisfaction with purchased products and services. Many entrepreneurs refer to e-commerce to find new clients. Cyberspace is a perfect place for doing business as it provides the newest tools to promote goods and services.

Pay-per-click advertising is helpful to promote business and attract customers. Buying the place on search engines and social networks where the potential customers can see promoted websites is the way to extend the database of clients. As soon as the promoted link which is placed on the top of other results of the search is clicked, the web-site owner is billed.

Another technique used to drag attention of the potential customers is sending the email newsletters.  To implement this strategy, it is necessary to invite the web-site visitors to subscribe to the latest news and discounts offered by the online store. Subscribed members will receive notifications they are interested in per e-mail or small banners with the subscribed content will emerge every now and then in their browsers.

Social media also provide advertising on their websites, which is easy and convenient for businesses to promote themselves. Besides prepaid ads and banners, entrepreneurs shall create [ages here, post content, and enhance reposting by other users. The more people share information about one’s business, the higher chances for more potential customers to get interested.

Small businesses getting marketplace from large retail sites obtain another great tool for promotion on the internet. Trying to sell products using exceptionally one’s own web-site, businesses let their competitors outrun them quickly.

Contest marketing is another popular strategy of e-commerce which engages people in the competition with some nice real prizes for the winners. Providing some incentives for the potential customers gives a chance that they will actively participate in the contests and invite their friends to this website.

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