Income-related payments for the previously uninsured citizens essay sample



Healthcare insurance is provided to many Americans by their employers. However, not all companies provide sponsored insurance, and some people still cannot afford to pay even partially for such coverage. That is the reason why so many Americans remain uninsured today. They have to either cover health care costs from their own pockets or apply for compensation from public programs.ь

The Affordable Care Act provides Medicaid and the Children Health Insurance Program coverage for low-income people, and moderate-income individuals can apply for Marketplace coverage under the conditions of the same Act. Since new expansions of the Act came into force in January 2014, the number of uninsured Americans decreased to the number of 32 million which means that a large work still shall be done in this respect.

Coverage under the conditions of the above-mentioned programs helped a lot of low-income citizens to acquire a better healthcare. Despite many of them used their chance to decrease the burden of medical costs, a number of citizens below the poverty line remain uninsured. Illegal immigrants, for example, cannot apply for Medicaid or Marketplace programs. Still, some people are not aware that their income rate allows them to apply for Medicaid and avoid a healthcare debt.

Uninsured population faces enormous health risks as they do not receive any preventive healthcare and oversee their chronic conditions. Medical bankruptcy is a widespread phenomenon as medical debt make up almost a half of all American consumers’ debts.

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