Training programs for improvement of physician-patient relationships essay sample



Communication is a crucial thing in the doctor-patient relationships. The quality of medical services may remain high, nevertheless, patients will be unsatisfied with the lack of attention from their physicians or due to the misunderstandings arising between them. In this respect, physicians shall pass training on improving their communication skills and uncovering the patient’s psychology – as soon as doctors know what is the real intention of the patient’s visit, they will be able to satisfy their needs.

Stimulation of the physicians’ communicative skills shall be performed from the upper levels. Physician leaders themselves do not frequently concentrate on providing a comforting word to their patients. Senior medical staff shall become more concerned not only about their own style of communication with patients but about how their subordinate colleagues do it. Training shall involve medical leaders whose participation is necessary to make an example for the rest of physicians.

The whole culture of patient-physician relationships does not correspond expectations of the patients at the present moment. Nevertheless, changing behaviors towards patient-centered and team-based culture cannot be performed overnight. Every healthcare employee shall be engaged into communication training. Supervised by their leaders, nurses and healthcare professionals will develop a brand-new type of relations with their parents which embrace trust, comfort, and care.

It is important to realize that many people visit their physicians because they are concerned about conditions yet nonexistent but anticipated. The major task of a doctor is not only to examine and make screening but also to discourage patients from imagining themselves physical disorders they, in fact, are unlikely to develop. This example shows how much physician-patient communication matters in correct diagnostics and elimination of the symptoms of illnesses.

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