Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of education strategies essay sample


Any new education strategy is always a risk. Therefore, it means that it may not work out well. Besides, there will definitely be both positive and negative aspects, to say nothing of the fact that there will be definitely be people who are going to criticize the project.

One of the most widely discussed education strategies right now is to eliminate standardized tests as they fail to do what they are supposed to do which is to evaluate the knowledge of a student. This idea is actually supported by the majority of people who are either involved directly in the educational process or are an interested party. In case this idea gets implemented, it has a great chance of becoming a successful project which will obviously mean that it will be one of the strengths of education strategies. What is important right now is to prove why standardized tests are no longer needed as well as to come up with a suitable alternative which will help students to acquire knowledge better and teachers to evaluate that knowledge.

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