What should be done to prevent qualified teachers from leaving the profession? essay sample

Taking into account the fact that the issue under consideration is topical all over the world, it is important to view it in regards to a particular region. For instance, there are certain parts of the world in which low pay is the main reason why qualified teachers are forced to leave the profession and do something else for which they will be paid for better. So, the most obvious solution to this problem is to find proper funding sources in order to prevent qualified teachers from leaving their profession.

What should also be done in order to keep qualified teachers at schools is to motivate them better. In other words, teachers need to know that the administration sees the results of their work and appreciates what they are doing on the daily basis. Being a teacher is a responsible task as you are supposed to educate others. You are the one students look up to and you need to have enough energy and desire to continue doing that no matter what. Therefore, it is important to remind teachers how significant their hard work is as well as how it helps a lot of people achieve their goals.