We are all too materialistic essay sample



The assault of manufacturers with their goods has certainly spread the epidemic of materialism across the globe. The more possessions we buy, the more we want to accumulate. Purchasing things has already turned into an aimless competition and search for happiness. We purchase nice and brand-new devices to keep up with peers – if everybody is rushing for the latest model of this cell phone, we definitely need it too. On the other hand, we do not give up the idea that some of the newest purchases (or all of them) will make us happy after all, and we become disappointed as our indifference to purchased items rises.

Perhaps, every society becomes materialistic at some level of its development. Today, we can produce goods in excess and our purchasing power is higher. Advertising drives us to satisfy our needs, and peers provide their exciting feedback about the goods they purchased lately. Naturally, we believe that all the items we have on our mind have a magical power to solve a greater range of problems than they are supposed to. Nevertheless, when the product is purchased it appears not as perfect as we expected, and in most cases, it can be replaced with something we have purchased before.

Wealth is frequently associated with happiness; this point of view nourishes a materialistic society. People buy things to feel happier, but this feeling passes quickly. An extensive research confirms that contentment and satisfaction have little to do with money and possessions. Wealthy people as likely to feel miserable as the middle class despite owning unique assets and items.

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