What are the causes of increasing street crimes in our society? essay sample



The overall statistics of crimes in the US is striking and humiliating the whole nation. Street crimes greatly contribute to this image as every day hundreds of victims report about having been attacked by the malefactors on their way home. Such cases are very frequent, and they happen mainly due to the social and economic inconsistencies.

Poverty and urbanization can be defined as the major factors which nourish street crimes and drag other instabilities alongside. Individuals who ended up behind the poverty line rely on petty thefts to   get some food and survive. However, they cannot be treated as numerous and dangerous criminals. Urbanization has accelerated homelessness and made minor criminals a norm of the poor society. It can be especially visible while comparing streets in small towns and metropolises.

Unemployment and poor education make people search for illegal ways of making profits. Alcohol and drug addicts comprise a huge part of criminals who start shooting or fighting trying to get substances. These factors especially influence the spread of juvenile delinquency. Teenagers who take the patterns of violent behavior from the media or family experience have a high predisposition to the street crimes as youngsters suppose they can harm other people and avoid legal consequences. The same can be said about individuals with mental disabilities.

No matter what pushes people to conduct street crimes, unrestricted access to guns makes it easy anytime they want. Criminals threatening victims with a firearm is a common scenario for street incidents happening in the dark hours. Perhaps, people predisposed to violence would not be so confident when unarmed that is why frequent ownership of one or more guns is certainly accountable for the current situation in the streets.

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