What does mean to be a single parent in a conservative society? essay sample



Most single moms or dads, obviously, are not a privileged social group. While the well-off single parents may not pay much attention to the public opinion, their low-income counterparts have to cope with a much bigger stress. Raising decent children has never been an easy task, and the worst of it happens when desperate single parents are actively blamed by conservative old ladies next door, for example, in addition to all other troubles they face every day.

Frankly speaking, modern society is quite miscellaneous, and it would be untrue to say that single parents are blamed by everyone who discovers that they raise the child alone. Quite on the contrary, there are many sympathetic minds who regard single parents as heroes who can combine numerous jobs and daily choirs with educating their kids. But even few indignant conservators may turn the parents’ life into hell, especially when moms and dads are sensitive to the public opinion. There always will be a part of society which is convinced that single parents spoil the future generations by paying them a little attention and rob the society getting the taxpayers money as a welfare.

Being a single parent among the conservative individuals means having a constant fight with the closest social environment. Clearly, parents may find it hard to resist a common disapproval, but the situation is going to be even more disastrous for the kids. Children who have done nothing wrong may face isolation if the indignant grannies from the neighborhood forbid their offspring to play with children raised inappropriately.


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