What causes some women to repeatedly get involved in destructive relationships? essay sample



Despite all the efforts of feminists, it is still very natural for women to believe that they can achieve the highest possible level of self-actualization only being engaged in a strong spiritual bond with their romantic partner. But what shall be done if the bond appeared too strong and partner – violent?

Women staying in abusive relationships have already become a tendency which nurtures violent behavior of male partners. Women’s inability to escape abuse is really striking in the present-day reality when females have all means to feel self-confident and independent.

Experts in psychiatry suppose that repeated violence changes processes in the woman’s brain while they believe that every type of weird behavior can be explained scientifically. Facing abuse regularly, women become more prone negative thinking and accepting violent actions as a norm.

Women who experienced lasting involvement in destructive relationships draw several reasons why they could not just break up even if they felt the necessity of this step. Most victims were afraid that their abusive partner will kill them or cause any bodily harm. Besides, some women depend on their partner’s money or accommodations too much to give up and fall to the lower social class.

Married women often consider that it is better to raise children in a violent but nuclear family than become single mothers and struggle to make both ends meet.

All in all, love remains to be the number one reason why women stay in destructive relationships. If a woman is convinced that she met love of her life, she will stand all the abuse waiting for her partner to apologize. Victims do not cease to tolerate abuse suffering at the same time, and they never break this cycle not to feel alone after the breakup.

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