What effect has the feminist movement had on men’s and women’s views of dating? essay sample



Striving to bring equality for racial and gender groups, society usually bumps into the hurdle of reverse discrimination. If we provide benefits to level the position of discriminated social groups, their opponents immediately start to feel discriminated in their turn. Perhaps, it has happened to the relations between men and women with the progress of feminism.

The present-day views on dating could have changed as men feel the opposite sex become more radical and independent in various gender issues. However, there is no evidence that a majority of people engaged in romantic relationships feel views or actions of their partners being inadmissible. But if the partners do feel offended by their sweetheart’s behavior, they tend to break up these days. And this is a considerable change in dating habits of young people as generations of their parents and grandparents were more likely to tolerate misdeeds of the partners hoping they will change.

It is also very likely that feminist movement made men timider and uncertain about their actions. If they date a self-confident, decisive lady who leaves her femininity behind to underline independence and strong will, men lose their confidence. They just do not know how to charm a lady who expresses more masculine nature with her behavior than they do.

The feminist movement has certainly changed social life for better, and for this reason, romantic partners  have more unbiased look towards each other. Today people start dating not because of appealing femininity of masculinity of the opposite sex but rather because they appreciate character traits and moral values in their partners.


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